Reiki, Polarity, and Crystal Treatments

Reiki, Polarity and Crystal Treatments are safe. Reiki is often used to complement any medical care one may be receiving and has been known to help manage symptoms and reduce side effects. However, it should not replace treatment by a licensed health care professional.

When receiving a treatment, you will lie fully clothed on a table. Your job is to do nothing but relax and take in the benefits you will receive.

For a Reiki treatment, the practitioner places their hands above or on your face and body. Some may feel heat which is the energy flowing through your body. Others feel vibrations or coldness.

Most people leave a session feeling refreshed and relaxed. These benefits continue to grow with continuous treatments.

Reiki, Polarity and Crystals promote deep relaxation, increase you energy, removes energy blocks, reduce stress, enhances your health and well-being, reduces any aches and pains, energizes and balances.

What to Expect and What you May Experience

  • During a Reiki session you will be ased to lie fully clothed on a massage table. You will also be asked to remove your shoes to be more comfortable.
  • I will then have music playing in the background to help you leave your concerns outside.
  • Since I am concentrating on your energy system I do not talk during a Reiki Treatment unless you initiate it.
  • During a session I will start at the top of your body. I will either be placing my hands above or very lightly on your body. Throughout the session I may feel an area that needs more attention, so I may stay longer in some places than others.
  • Many people dose off into a light sleep during the session.
  • Some people feel different sensations such as heat, cold, tingly movements, waves, heaviness or lightness. Some people see colors or images.
  • You may also have involuntary jerking motions or “tummy gurgles” as your body relaxes and is receiving the energy.
  • A Reiki session varies so much because it is personalized just for you. It is a positive energy source that is always working to heal you for your highest good.
  • During your treatment , if you feel cold please tell me, I can give you a blanket. If you are not comfortable, please tell me. If you need to use the restroom, please do! If you are thirsty, please have a drink. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to interrupt! I want you to be fully relaxed and not have anything on your mind so you can receive every bit of energy at its fullest!

Distance Healing with Reiki

Reiki Distance Healing can be sent to anyone anywhere; to friends, children, pets or even your home. Anyone or anything can receive the power of Reiki and benefit from it. Reiki Distance Healing is just as strong as a hands on treatment. Distance healing is good for people who cant come in for a session such as someone who is preparing for an operation or a person with limited mobility who may no be able to come to the office. The receiver does not have to stop what they are doing to receive healing; they can continue on about their daily business and receive Reiki simultaneously. Reiki has no boundaries when it comes to healing and sending positive energy which promotes balance and revitalization.


Polarity Therapy is a form of alternative healing that incorporates energy, diet and yoga exercises. During a Polarity session, issues will be addressed, worked on and cleared during your session. Whether they are physical, mental, emotional or you are just unsure, Polarity is able to give that deep healing and balance. All sessions are unique to each client and each session can vary depending on your needs at that time. A typical session will include clearing blocks within your energy system through cranial work, foot reflexology, deep energetic spinal work, chakra cavities, chakras, aura and more.

Polarity sessions incorperate crystals and can also be integrated with Reiki. Anyone is able to receive Polarity including children and pregnant women.

Crystal Healing

Chakras are energy centers on your body that are very important and can have an affect on your body and mind. If your Chakras are out of balance, then chances are there is an underlying issue with something associated with that Chakra. Crystal Healing (also known as Crystal Stone Layout) is another great way to help balance your Chakras. Like Reiki, a Crystal Healing is rejuvenating and refreshing. It is relaxing and helps to open and align your energy centers, putting you on the path to positive change. During a healing I will go through each of your Chakras to see how open or closed they are and if they are healthy. Crystals are then placed on each of your seven major Chakras. The energy from the crystals are shared with the energy from Chakras. This will help balance and strengthen your Chakras. By the end of the treatment your Chakras will be open and functioning the way they are suppose to be.

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